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Clearwater Separation Systems, Inc
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Solids Handling 
Clearwater Separation Systems has developed proprietary custom designed trailer mounted auger systems and solids pumping systems, including hazardous waste handling and disposal systems.

In our mobile de-watering trailers, the auger removes solids from under the centrifuge; discharging into a slide that feeds the exterior boom auger.  The slide gate is located under the auger.  Seal water passes through the auger into the sump tank.

6,000 to 12,000 LBS per Hour

Slide Gate
The Slide Gate is mounted below the Auger, eliminating the need for reversing starters and flush water.
Diverter Gate
Designed for diversion of liquid discharge from the centrifuge solids discharge on start-up above solids handling/storage.  The gate is designed for diversion only and does not hold liquid.
Boom Auger
The Boom Auger reaches a height of 12', which allows loading of end dump trailers and dump trucks.  It folds away easily for transportation with a winch and pulley system.

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